Me and my big mouth


I always think, what you say means as per your words .

I went to visit at someone’s place for dinner, as we were waiting the host an elderly man, told me that if he is incorrect in presenting his concepts about the topic under discussion. We all are free to correct him. At, one point in his discussion, I interrupted and corrected his philosophy, as I found a misinterpretation on his side.

That was perhaps unwise of me , because after that dinner, I never got invited to his home ever again.

Halloween Night


Night of witches and of the mist. The men were drunk and driving  along a deserted forest land. In the mist they could see a woman’s profile, she waved at them. No one at sight, the drunkards stopped their car and gave her a lift. They were so drunk, that they didn’t notice that her feet were turned backwards. In their typsy mood, they wanted to have her at the back of their car. The woman, didn’t resist but told them it would be more comfortable if together they do it in her house, the red bungalow. They thought, why not and drove to the  wilderness and finally they could see the house. As, the woman stepped down, the wooden gate opened on its own. She told the men, just wait here after I close and open the lights thrice, you all must come in to the house. They waited and then the lights signalled them to approach, much as they wanted but they couldn’t move. Their body had turned into stone ..the witch had  made them lifeless below their navel.Unable to drive or move, the men waited for their death.The woman then changed into a bat and flew  away with other bats, the moon was full, wolves howled and men..they waited…

The witches are gone



Roman times witnessed the magical powers of witches. They had power to cast spells, on human minds and lure them to commit adultery,robbery, flattery and butchery. Romans got tired and burned all those witches on the stacks of hay, as they got burned each one vowed to return again..and they kept their promise.

2012, people are still under the black magic, we kill, we lie, we commit sins but no one burns us at the stacks of hay, there are two reasons, if each one is killed for the above listed sins, population would get diminished and secondly, burning would destroy our green mission and pollution is not allowed.

Therefore, the blackness of magic has mingled and formed a new concept, live and let live..

Write reality or imagination

There is always much debate, about reality vs fiction.I find reality more dramatic and gruesome than imaginative writings. The NEWS channels reporting, are mostly about tragedies, calamities, war, torture and injustice, scales vary. Targets change, but the ugliness scale is making minds go crazy. Each day, so many deaths are reported that society has stopped mourning about deaths and killings, have we become immune to this injustice?

Lets. talk about Imaginative writings, it got love, truth, power, and hope. Ironically, all that is fiction, gives us borrowed smiles, that in turn works as sedative to our mind. We would go mad/lunatic if we never had a channel to let out our energy positively. 

Whenever, I am with real people. I am in a war zone. Each one got a weapon to kill, insulting remarks, verbal offense, hurting comments..they have turned into sadistic group. Whether, you are on their side or no one’s side, but they want to punish you, if you a slightly happy about anything.I ask myself..why? Then I need to fight this ugly war, with no use, for thy want to continue their woes and sorrows, as if that gives them a life. Sad one.

Therefore, to escape I sneak away and come here, there is a window for humor, opening for poetry and reason for drama.

I like it here. it is safe. Peaceful ..I need to be at peace..if I want to be sane..right?