My life partner


Holding hands and swinging away, together. The best friend, the one you select. The person, who’s absence is felt like a pinch. You even miss the disaster she is with driving or shelving things. What is it..that makes her special to you.. Looks yes..the way she looks into your eyes, and you forget what to see. The way she makes you feel..loved. The laughter, she brings. The tantrums she makes, because you forgot her birthday. Although, her age is BIG secret 🙂

Life partner, is a heart that beats and keeps you alive. You are lucky, when you find the children walking around, playing games or studying hard. yes, you two were responsible for bringing them to this world, and that made your world complete. 

Life partner..a partner in every thing , except few secrets that each of you thinks is a secret but the other knows about it. A sweet and refreshing relationship, each morning is a kiss, each night a wedding gift, and life gets better as years pass..and you feel that you have lived it at the height, swinging slowly holding hands, feeling secured that love is mine, tonight and forever..with my love of life.

gift of love


Someone send me roses

had thorns too

to remind me that beauty

can prick and turn you blue

someone send me heart

with pain too

told me it works fine

but never over do

someone send me love

with warmth and care

told me to keep it freely

only if I dare 🙂