It was an old piano. It was at the corner of the garage. No body went that far. Then Alfred caught a glimpse. He walked towards the old piano and touched the case. A tingling effect, made him startle..but then it could be the dust or something. 

Alfred, went to the owner of the garage, who wanted a clean sale out, anything you want for any price, was the slogan. Alfred, stated a much lower price than he would have, and Mr. Tom Jones, was happy to give it away.

Alfred, couldn’t understand why…but he would soon find out. As, the old piano got  uploaded on the back of his open van, he came to sit on the driver’s seat. He could smell a woman’s perfume. But, he was sure no body came with him. Then he brushed that idea. He started to hum a tune, but he never heard this before, yet the tune was trapped in his mind. Reaching home, he called his helpers to bring the piano inside the main hall room. They did as told, as they were walking out, the old lamp post fell down and broke. 

The men left the hall. Alfred, opened the piano and started to play the tune, he was humming earlier. His fingers played and he was sure, he completed the song. But, he didn’t know what the words were, strange he thought. That night, he went to sleep..and he heard the piano playing..he got up and found himself in the hall room. A girl was playing the piano, as he approached her she disappeared.

This girl, would come visit his house every night. She would play a new tune, but the moment Alfred would try to come closer  , she would vanish.

Then one day, there was a television program  and it was a black and white clip.The girl playing the piano was the same girl and the tune..it was also the very tune, Alfred now hummed. he quickly made some phone calls to find out about the girl who played the piano. She used to study at a local college. Alfred, went there and in the main hall, Sister Francis came to meet Alfred.

Sister, ” Why do you come here ?”

Alfred,” Sister, I want to know about the piano girl.”

Sister,” Oh! she “

Alfred,” What happened to her?”

Sister,” That was Rose Mary, our college’s pianist. She learned to play piano since an early age. After her mother died, her father took to drinking. He sold most of the things in the house. Piano was Mary’s life. One day, when she was at our college. her father sold the piano.”

Alfred,” then?”

Sister,” Rose Mary, she went to the father of Mr Jones begged him for her piano. But he refused  such a good piece he didn’t want to part.

Alfred,” But Tom Jones, sold it to me for a very minimum price.”

Sister,” She made him..she played it too much and compelled him to sell it off.”

Alfred,” She plays every night at my house too “

Sister,” Then, she is living with you..My son, she will not leave unless you give that piano away .”

Alfred,” What if I want her to stay.”

Sister,” Look..there”

As Alfred turned, Rose Mary was standing, her eyes were shining and she was smiling at Alfred. He stood up and followed her, she took his hands and walked towards the cliff. Sister and others ran after them, but her hold on his hand was too strong. taking him, to the cliff edge she jumped and made him take the fall. Alfred was killed. 

The piano still lays in the main hall, collecting dust..but every night there is a recital by Rose Mary and someone claps..yes it is Alfred.

Cloning is in and real is out :))


Cloning of human beings is getting introduced under the banner of , ” not to miss the real ones after they are gone.” But..real one is actually gone.

So, it seems after hybrid cars, vegetables, crops the next super human effort would be human race, clones. I have an idea..not that it would happen but just to think..suppose all this social network and the profiles..slowly are recorded and gets in the hand of those who want the clones to take over. They would kill the real people and replace them with clones, the voters , the army, the workers, helpers..and then all the Presidents..Imagine..the real one is gone and nobody even notices, they are bowing to the Queen..but she is the clone as the perfect impostor.

Life of the people will get more endangered, as murder case can not be registered, if the person is seen walking alive…cool..yet scary..

Why we always try to do things that are uncontrollable? because , we like exciting challenges, how long would the clone live..and how many would replace..can we still live ..or we must die and the clones take over our human race..The world would be fearless, as ever ready clones would take over, each day. But..then the faces and height must be aimed at perfection. Like Greeks..Man  was the measure of all things  and Clone are going to be the perfect masters of everything.

Clones, shall conqueror the Universe and finally, they would make a mega replica for another time..you know like time but different.

The tree


I have no leaves left on me

my branches are deformed as you can see

trunk is just fine

and roots are deep

but flowers are none

and I weep

no more visitors from feathers chirp

no melody in surroundings , no nest to keep

and I weep..

silently alone, till I fall asleep