Fashion Cars :))

What is so good about a car..moves shine or form. I find mechanical aspects to be the soul but the appearance can be heart throb..yess..The form should change as desired, with the shape having the tendency to create an image, that appears to be real. Color also change with occasions and mood, it  got a polka dot scheme hidden some where beneth the sobre greys.

The upholstery would change, and be as the mood of the rider.  It can fly and land without any collisions. All addresses to be in the car’s memory, jus  record the directions and you find new places.

Since it can fly, it has wind tunnels instead of roador fly overs. The energy if from sound waves, it is stored in recording each one played and car moves. No sways 🙂  After you arrive, you click your keys and the car it foldes into a small packet of 3″ x 3″ space. Keep it in your pocket or purse, then go your way.

Have your  meetings, parlor appointments, classess or shop as you may. When you want to commute, go to the port that has an invisible air base, click on again and there !! its your car, soft and permeable yet hard and strong to carry you and your friends to a new destinations.

Select the location, and time  you reached it, before you start to say..a single word like may.

The man ..who became invisble

it was raining and foggy, the gas supply was getting low. Finally, it was decided we get food from the restaurant. Getting a box, my friend asked  his brother to get it. ..but, his brother went  in the opposite direction. Yes. he  didn’t go outside but turned and went inside the house. My friend followed and called his name. No answer.Again , called his name but..Nope. He kept on moving in and in, finally my friend started to walk towards him just about to ouch, but he moved towards the wall and disappeared!

My friend just stood three and watched the blank wall in disbelieve.

Trees :)

The tall, short, fragile and strong everywhere we g, we find some greens and  of course the tree.

The roots are deep, or few are shallow , some got trunks and branches with leaves. Then leaves they fall and fill the ground. Around and round, the tree watches them fly with breeze. Flowers, they bloom on shrubs and trees, some got fragrance and  others got bee. Yes, companion of trees are birds that nest, and tell their young to stay free, it is our tree. The squirrel that nibbles and jumps on branches and sway ..away..wheeeeee ..that too on tree.

I find a solid branch strong as can be, I place my hammock over the tree and sleep beneath, it is my tree. But, the  crows had booked this as their annual gathering and they find me sleeping and snoring beneath!! it is their tree. So, they pick on me and drop some ..on my head and knees and I must flee and take refuge in my house , that is actually built for me..I let go of the tree. 

The crows, the sparrows, the bees, and butterflies and  at squirrel sight are the reason , the tree keeps quiet all the day and listen to the guest who never pays anything to tree. late, at night the bats and owls are flying away, with moon as their guide. I am not free, says the tree. 

Who said, I was never free.because I am a tree.

Find a Friend :)

Can you find a friend for me

But , no I do not want you

Someone, I can trust with deep secrets

Will treasure  and keep  

Of course , I got many drawbacks

many vices and flaws

But, I want someone to accept me

Listen, I don’t want you

I am ready to give my shoulder

they can cry, I will hold them too you are not my type..

never do I care for you

When in need, I will not disappear

I will make sure , there is no fear are a dear..

but then not for me.never you

I will listen when you speak, and tell you if its true

But, you must tell me again, if I can love you.

Find a friend or make a friend

tell me what you want me to do ?

I can never be a lover, only a friend who is true.