The informal vs formal

Who is an impostor? The fake, who posses to be , but is not. So, what is about the informal and formal role in a society. The action or work is same but, it is not conducted by the one who is responsible and trained. I will explain..wait and see.

Housing 🙂

Formal housing means, planning, for a shelter that would be allocated through a system, the land would be developed,roads would be constructed, infrastructure  and amenities would be provided and finally, people moves in to settle.

Informal, a group of people who are shleterless are wandering, they are do not have the money to afford accomodation, so they squat. The local thug/gang member gives them permission to squat on government land, although he has no legal cover to give a permission on something he doesn’t have a right. Still, he gives them okay signal, after sometime he asks for a small amount of money, for his favor!! this is how informal payment is realized, although he is not legally supose to take any money nor the shleterless family is suppose to give..but this transaction happens..

This phenomena of a middle man, who has noreason to be in the middle, come and decide for the poeple and government..But this happens and their power is muscle power..and it works..So is the tax payment. Although people are filing their tax returns, yet a bribe amount must be given otherwise, you may get a case..for they know many loopholes to make you fall into a trap.

Every service whetherits a trains or lane ticket, or admission to a good school , appointment with a good doctor or lawyer, the middle man who smells so bad has a BIG role in getting money from the victim..

There is basically no end to this fire, unwanted yet burns and we wuld all burn out and die one day.


Wednesday or woes

Wednesday comes when two days are gone

and two more to go

will I wail, cry and share my woes

or I will work, concentrate and make a go!

I am middle day, of the week I know

I must be less worried and more vigorous with force

make it happen..get a wonderful wow !

fail to complete..a depressive woes in series

I can not turn my weekend to sorrows

Better think, work and get better by tommorow

Stop getting ..Dumped ;)

Got a dress? red..or blue..wear gets the  mood elevated for you.

Smile and make him laugh too, if he can not laugh he would feel stuck with you.

Have a life, and give him quality time..but never make him your life..he needs to breathe too.

Be sensual and sexy, not trampy and over the board, he is human and finds it hard to control.

Wait..he is slow..let him make the move first..mind you he got an ego that could get hurt.

Say bad behaviour, anyone who gonna stay with you has to be sweet and sincere.

Weight is no problem as height is limited, but over weight is difficult to handle, if I were you.

Sense of acceptance  and comfort comes with time..relax he wouls soon say, ” Be mine.”

The online dating

The websites, all social sites and the dating sites have contributed to many heart breaks and match made. I think, earlier there was less chances of meeting people and now everyone has direct access to meet anyone.

The anonymous part of the meeting, gives the boost tobe frank and open, making the fear disappear. This is what happened to a couple, they went through a dating site. The computer matched them up, they did see each other and liked too, but their names were not disclosed, after they left their dates, next morning the two called up the dating site. The administrator, replied, if you didn’t exchange your peresonal information nor fixed a new date, out of thesite,then we are sorry, because we erase everything from our data , once we introduce the couple 😉

If I remember that I forgot

If I remember that I forgot

Each time you came close and I let you walk away

Each time you looked into my eyes, and made my day

I never did say any thing remarkable or good

I was only thinking about myself, oh! what a fool

I forgot to tell you, that time you are loved

I do not remember now how many instances I missed,

I forgot to say to and to kiss

your lips

I love you.

But, I forgot to say it to you..

If  I again forget, please remind me .with a prick

Keep the rose and pass me the thorns, it would do the trick

We can not forget what  makes us bleed

We only forget , the fragrance that fills us deep

What we feel-upside down


Sometimes we get bullied

that makes us depressed

compressed and gagged

then we start comparing

what made me look silly

and all that..


We do fight

sometimes its wrong,

but then its right

I watched you yell and cry

thats when its time to say good bye

I did make few friends

I turned few into foes

I gave smiles to friends

and tears and woes to foes


Yes..I feel happy

Yes..I do feel sad

But..never are my intentions bad

Just never that

and if its a mistake

to be mad..I just lost my head

over that.