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Daily Prompt: Deja Vu

by michelle w. on March 26, 2013
The feeling is really uneasy when this phase passess..when I realize that the scenario I am living was lived before this time frame. I don’t know if it holds true, but I always had a bad ending in the prelived situation..and while I experience the repeat telecast of what occured earlier, my mind races to get traces of the end from the past. This moment then has two tension, first I am living it again and do I face the same fate and the second what was the fate. This kind of experiences, when it happens for the first time, I can feel that its not the only time I am going to go through this ordeal. I can not ofcourse, give any prove, except that this is how it happens with me.
Nowadays, I am no longer getting through this uneasy moments..and hope I don’t have to in future.