Daily Prompt – Touched by a Stranger

It was getting late and our car battery was getting less and less charged. Our car stopped, this area was a high crime zone, we felt uncomfortable and the cars were rushing pass us. Suddenly, a man walked towards our car, he even shielded us tocome towards the side. he told my husband, I will reman with you till help arrives. 

Then from office few  people , they got out car repaired and escorted us home. That stranger was so helping, that daily I remember his act of kindness and care. I always pray, that he may live happily and never have to face any problemin road of life.

Daily Prompt – Let me be myself

Want to be ..me

I got too many personalities

the one thats real is me

the one I bring to you, is she

who is she ?

The mind inside me

The heart that feels for me

The soul that searches me

The spirit that will leave me

I am mostly me..

as I can not be 

you , or them or he :))