Daily Prompt – Facebook

Ah! ” facebook” the starting of a social media..it was something similar to CNN..a constant headache or perhaps heartaches.

Slowly, it captured an audience that is mega..worldwide..and if it was available somewhere in Mars..we could had many chats with aliens..

why is it popular ? it got so many faces..some even call it fake book..fight book..look look 🙂 few say internet is not guilty  its the  fingers that type the ignorant  people into action is the source of all misdeeds..but still it has the potential to speak to millions at once..and fade away if unnoticed and make history  if reacted to..by the group who was tormented and tortured verbally and few got physical what to do ..but what is the reason to make facebook ..face the music ..It is a blame game..where we get a name and pass the blame..if that source is lame and doesn’t respond..then rumour gets certfied and is strong..so we can nail and bury them deep..close  our account nothing to keep..some would miss and maybe weep..but few would relax and get some sleep..there are other social medias but none so popular till now..facebook will remain  top notch somehow..earn in zillions and stay ahead..idea was good of making so many heads come together  and think..exchange..inform and link..I have nothing against internet not me..otherwise I will be absent from WordPress..too..don’t you see 🙂

when young

You held my hand in one  and the ballons in another

I would grow taller, and balloons would go farther

I got air, and I do get  flat

I know now..why you  love the balloons

its the color, lightness and your control

the moment you let those go

will fly  up in the sky

or get bursted or get deflated

and you will enjoy those  moments

that alarm and surprise

am I capable too ?

I think so too

my friend

squirrel-gilehri-cool-photothe good thing about peanut is when you crack it open..you can share the nut ..and guess what 🙂 the squirrel knows that too..so together you can crack it up and enjoy the delight of nuts in the open ..furry friend you got me a token..