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A city madeĀ 272 367 465 558 653 1106up of decays and ferments..the cities that decay within are not any different. It may not deteriorate in the physical aspect..but it’s social life and health maybe Ā on its decay..eating up values and relationships..a city Ā that is demolished Ā when culture crumbles and inheritance is kept aside..literature, art and poetry gets dissolved..and nothing is nothing remains after all.

Le maschere antigas della protesta turca… entreranno nella storia?

The mask is physical as well as in character. We have so many changing masks, that we forget which one suited us best..and we forget how our features are ..when we remove the mask..we have lost our real face..



I manifestanti devono difendersi dai lacrimogeni e dagli idranti della polizia e, alcuni di loro, hanno improvvisato maschere antigas veramente ā€œartisticheā€. Anche la maschera diventa cosƬ un simbolo della protesta, un vero e proprio emblema della tensione che da giorni si sta vivendo in Turchia.

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