Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs

Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

Life is real, not virtual so with or without blogs  life would continue.But, as far as computer is concerned that would be definitely a problem, as most of our service related functions are directly run by a computer/internet. 

Life without computer would be hard, as time would be needed to get simple things done. Writing, banking, emailing that makes  order and sales so easy , would again return to the long journeys. 

Blogging for me, is hundred percent a way to communicate with unknown faces. it is a platform, where I emerge as Kalabalu..and write as if, nothing matters, except the  concept of writing.

I write to express myself, and if blog would disappear, I would then write a journal. It was always so fascinating to see, people write ..how alphabets  are capable to express ideas, incidents and design in words  with graphic presentations.

Human , being communicate with hands, language, spoken and written, eyes they speak and body  language. It is all about communicating. Internet    has given an opportunity to be able to connect with  like minded people with less effort and more gain.

I would say, life without blogs would be food without salt 🙂

Pain- again

The agony  of  pain. It comes and disturbs you  once or repeatedly. Effecting your normal life , work schedule and commitments . You are traumatised physically and  mentally..it will have effect on your financial status too..socially you will be absent  or dependent ..on who ?Image

The location from where pain is generated..What is the cause . Is it broken..or got burned..got dried and gaps  have formed ..or its’ degenerating  got twisted ..what has hurt in the body..the message  must go to the brain..and signals are vivid..You  want to get away or subside ..Image

The doctor advise you for the recovery but the  first thing to help you get some relief  are the painkillers .What medication can do? It can disrupt the signals reaching brain about the pain..or it can heal in real..and recover the tissues  or mend the broken bones and so the pain is no more.Image

Fighting  pain..that returns time and again , has to be described in detail. How it happens. What makes it return? Where  does it  occur?

Sometimes  psychological help is sought ..when visible identification is no longer  possible ..as to what is causing the pain. Therapies are needed, counselling too. How much does  pain disrupt your life..and affect others in your family.

When, the cause  is identified, treated and you have recovered. You  will not remember the  pain..what you remember  is that it was agonising, it  made you suffer…and all its effects..but the”Pain” is no longer lingering in your brain..the signal  stops and  pain too.

I pray for all those who suffer from any sort of  pain, that  while enduring they be able to handle it and hopefully the  pain will go..

Go away pain I don’t want you  inside me anymore..got sore..burnt out and worn out..please leave.. do go ..and no one will miss you..so don’t bother to return..ever.

Pictures: Web MD

leave something living


Make this world a better  place

improved version than before

leave  only goodness

erase all faults and sores

keep it warm..long

sing  it as a melodious song

life is sung  only once

So be clear, sweet and delightful

just as it lives on and on and on

If you come..then you must go

People come and they shall go

You will also go one day

what will stay is the goodness of heart

an open mind ..

laughter for start

So..after you get over the blues

come out in the open, will ya

time to find ways to prove that..

you did improve the world around you 🙂

Age Factor

Everyone almost got a question and a secret..that is age. It is a factor which determines your capacity to work/perform, starting from birth to death. You are asked  your name and then..age..while young..we are not so shy, and worried. Everything  is going perfectly alright, thanks to our parents. But..then as we reach our desired age..which is twenty..then it becomes a bit of a secret..your competitor always manage to be a year  or two younger..Getting  married is one thing, getting married at an appropriate age..is so much of a tension. 

Men or boys all are  more or less same..they are hunters..and we the hunted 😉 but those we like to be with..are not really interested in us..now that is like the hunted have to lure the hunter..without making him realize..that he has been captured.

Men are so …anyway. Then..husbands also got a age phobia..they look at themselves more than their wife..guess they still want to continue hunting.. Here, it is a trend,that men are forty and wife is twenty..so they jump right from 40 to 20, within no time..and start saying..they are 20 + ..I sometimes ask is it  + or X 😉

One time , the client brought his family, a woman and a young man accompanied him. I was trying to judge whether the young woman was his wife or his son’s..I think she sensed my eyes and quickly  putting her hand over the son said,” He is our son ” and smiled.

That was close ..phew