Defensive Strategy

Energy..that repels. What are the risk factors in a war..air strikes, bombing, drones. mostly airborne ..are easy for the one who attacks..therefore..the defensive strategy can be an energy encasement..invisible yet electrifying..that can bounce off all air borne attacks..and return it the origin.

The missiles then will reach the attacker and on second time offensive, would consume the energy and make the barrier stronger. would mean..either it gets parked into its shaft..or transforms  itself as energy and become part of the barrier.

Once..this barrier is used by countries..less air strikes would happen.. I hope 🙂

Work or Job

Each one of us, have acquired an interest to work or forced into a profession. Those engaged in labor intense work , have less education and work is repetitive.

In context of Bangladesh, the GDP is mostly based on farmers’ production, day laborers contributions, garment factory workers and overseas workforce. All those who make the country prosper are the less educated even illiterate.

The wages they earn is minimal, and the reason they want to keep their jobs is due to the lurking abject poverty. It is rather a thought, those who make country prosper never gets any chance to see themselves work in a better condition or get raise in their salary. Few may get lucky to have good working place, but mostly they have to face humiliation and threats for losing their job, simply because vacancies are lesser and applicants are more than needed, yes..population explosion.

In this scenario where job is a dream, the vision for a dream job seldom is thought by the average worker. However, there are aspiring stories of women and men living in rural areas, who have worked with their own resources to establish their own business. Mostly in craftsmanship.

The  workers are never trained formally for any job, they learn the work as a helper and after few years they are capable of doing as told. So, they can not understand why and how the work is done, except few mutual discussions that are necessary for performing the work. This makes the thinking process come to a halt, the owners or the middle men thinks, too much information would make the worker deviate from his/her work. Secondly, the workers are unsatisfied from their jobs, so they keep on trying to change their work , this shifting and changing makes them unreliable, in other words, there is no trust between the worker and the owner, both are uncertain of their future in terms of permanency.

Investment of time and training can only be rewarding, if commitment is from both side, unfortunately, it makes difficult for both to commit , hence an atmosphere of mistrust and uncertainty leads to many accidents. The most recent tragedies were at Garment factories, where the building got on fire and the collapsible gate was locked, as the garment workers were in a habit of stealing material from the store.

It seems, there is a need for a vocational training led by government at Councillor level, so that a close social network will encourage youngsters to engage in learning the art to work professionally, as per their capacity and aptitude with literacy being the basic need. And the investment made on them would not get wasted.

Think or ink

A life time to live
would it be a gift or  burden
a cry in pain
anger that boils
and frustrations that simmer on hot coil
will you waste it again
thinking about imprisoning chains
they are real for sure
you are not suffering hallucination anymore want to stop
stop now or let it go to top
tumble you down in its flow
let it escape from you once more
fear, anger despair ,..but not hope
hold on to it..never let it go
walk alone ..journey is your’s to complete
and  no one besides you means..
you left them behind or they went ahead of you
which ever is are alone in your life455733