but sometimes it’s easy

easy to remember difficult to forget
can you have skim memories so as not to regret

chester maynes


but sometimes
it’s easy to forget

thinking no more
of you is a fact
that kills thousand
acts of sublime

but sometimes
it’s easy to remember

loving you
is a past closed
like a book
in multitude

but sometimes
it’s easy to recall

leaving me
leaving you
both of us knew
that one day in
a sometime
it’s easy to
fall in love again



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Autumn comes

Autumn with golden , orange, browns is not a time to frown…we the people from the eastern side..have suffered the heat..sweated and cried..no tears..just tantrums fly 😉

Spring and Summer..were good..time too 🙂

Come Autumn it is a shower of leaves

Dead yet colorful..lots of heap

I know what makes me happy

the rustling sound as they brush pass my bike

I crumpled and crushed as I ride

I like the sun warming my back

I love the track.winding and winding

touching all trees..branches have no leaves

it is emptiness before the spring..

it is time to think..what winter will bring

hunger or pain..crying alone in vain

or will it usher is hope..will hold me like a rope

to next and next year..Autumn  I hope