If I was a light post
I would be amused to see
small fights , quarrels
kids running and unnoticed tights
If I was a light post
I would be every passerby host
tall and away
to keep you safe all way

Spoken Word Poetry, Art & Haiku in fun mini series...New York City.


light post

I watch over you are nights,
I turn on after dark,
I am creeping at my own tune,
I been ready to go on since late afternoon,
I watch your every step,
I see you,

All day

Upon walking home tonight I look up as I live in one the busiest city in the world, New York City and wondered, what if I were a light post?  I think light post see almost all our activities.  I know we have satellite that can watch our every moves, but what is all light and lamp post had a camera and was watching us.  Don’t they really see most of our day to day lives?

Q: If you were a light post, how would you be and what would be the things you would enjoy watching?


It’z Jixi

*Note: These written poetic and lyrics pieces…

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Morning Song

I am thinking aloud
Yet, I want to be heard by those
who never expect me around
for that’s how it goes
I must do and already did
much for my friends
somehow , i got listed among foes