My mother


Source of life for me..every time I talk to her , she inspires me

my mother is the only person, who can get upset and still love me

I just feel good , as I should when mother scolds me ๐Ÿ˜‰

she will say so many things..and in the end..she will ask are you okay?

Is everything fine…I can say no..but always say yes ๐Ÿ™‚

Confused or undecided

Pros and cons, weigh it all. We can measure and evaluate, project the result too. The challenge comes when we like more than one , a bed set , life partner job career that is so tempting , yet time is not enough.

In one life time , how many options can we experience as our clock ticks as we pass our time doing one of the two , and secondly the scenario changes , what was relevant 5 years back seems obsolete and defeated. You can not change all we remain confused ..but expect more or hide a fear within our head..what are we losing..and what have we gained..each experience takes and gives us a value, positive or negative depends how its is seen and by whom.

We must not get have both hands full and teeth holding on to another , that makes us appear very much loaded and unbalanced.

Take a step back and look at yourself , decide whether you like what you see? have you turned out to be the person you want or it your fault or the system.What can change? How will it happen ? Questions ..puzzling and surrounding you..but that is good, after intense confusion, mind just throws off the burden and remains happy with the load that will help and not kill.

I sleep early

The moon is beautiful at mid night but I sleep much earlier than that, I get tired and sleepy

so I need to relax. I want to watch the sky once again , I used to do that..when electricity would get off sound nearby and silence witness the soft moon light. No gadgets to disturb..just watch the night pass by…and think if I ever would have a chance like be at peace within and watching the moonlight..Studies over..and work started ..shoulders get tired as eyes close..pillow seems a delight…hmmmmm

I am so happy I can sleep early…as I drift to the dreams ..just in a while