Block locked

if it was a block of ice
melt it ..and it feels so nice
If it was a block of sand
break it and feel it land
on your feet that’s in the socks
water will wet..and sand will stay
words you searched your way
all the nights..each day

Has been melted and felt..okay;)

Are we living in a cube ?


Those walls are see through  yet contains me or confines me , like a protective shield or a reflective edge.I am locked  and without much luck , can not escape this imprisonment shown in image Olga .

The others who sit beside me , can only see but never touch or play my inner tune..the one that keeps on humming a lullaby..can not touch nor feel, although life is so real.

Why look sad and broke ? Should be glad that you is time to flee…break free..beak free. The horizon is yours and earth beneath..feel free…live free..set free your soul…