Take it or leave it..Advice

What To Do And Not To Do :))… I am about to give all young beautiful women some good tips for dating 🙂
Of course, you may or may not follow ..but I wanted to share.
Be decisive 🙂 You have a mind, well use it and don’t depend on him 🙂
Dress appropriately..so find out where you dine and is it really fine !
Pay the bill : If you find him looking at wall, door or fidgeting ..hmmmpay it.
Eat normal 🙂 Since..you may be the one taking the tab :))))
Do not text./phone/email just after your dinner..he may think you want to share the bill payment.
Do not..noooooooooooo. DO NOT HAVE SEX ..and don’t tell him that I told you 🙂
Talk about yourself, while he is having dinner and hope that he forgets everything afterwards.
Good Luck!

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