The pimp

The Trauma… The much debated and excited topic is marriage. Arranged marriages are very lucrative business. The groom gets a wife and dowry too. That is exactly what happened, to my neighbor. Our distant relative visited us for getting their son married, looked at me and decided nope..then noticed my neighbor..she was fair and simple, not the rebellion like me. So, the wedding took place with much pomp and show. However, the husband didn’t make love to her although one week had passed, he said it was better to build a relationship before having sex. making love was the idea.Strange..but okay. I smiled and waved, as they left for another city.
That night, my friend was told to dress up real nice and her husband got a very revealing dress. He took her to a hotel and told her to wait. he never returned , he had sold her to another man. He was all over her and finally raped her. She was drugged later and taken to another place. For a full week she was repeatedly raped by this man, and she was always kept blind folded and her hands were kept tied. When he would leave the room, a woman would open her hands and leave. It was a regular torture, she was mostly kept naked and tied to the bed legs were tied and hands too, the man devoured on her, and slowly she didn’t resist. After, a week she was again drugged and left in the same hotel. After she regained her conscious, she was rescued and now she is totally lost it.
I am willing to apologize for introducing her to the man, but it wouldn’t help . The police is searching for him..but no trace yet.

Thinking leads to creativity

Creativity is all about life and nature. Ideas, compositions whether it is about baking, painting,designing anything that has innovation ..has appeals to human senses..we see beyond the obvious and listen more than what we hear..the aroma ..flavors it all is useful and inspiring..I admire all creative people ..and their work. I admire creativity for its beauty and truth.

Are we living in a cube ?


Those walls are see through  yet contains me or confines me , like a protective shield or a reflective edge.I am locked  and without much luck , can not escape this imprisonment shown in image Olga .

The others who sit beside me , can only see but never touch or play my inner tune..the one that keeps on humming a lullaby..can not touch nor feel, although life is so real.

Why look sad and broke ? Should be glad that you is time to flee…break free..beak free. The horizon is yours and earth beneath..feel free…live free..set free your soul…

My mother


Source of life for me..every time I talk to her , she inspires me

my mother is the only person, who can get upset and still love me

I just feel good , as I should when mother scolds me 😉

she will say so many things..and in the end..she will ask are you okay?

Is everything fine…I can say no..but always say yes 🙂

Confused or undecided

Pros and cons, weigh it all. We can measure and evaluate, project the result too. The challenge comes when we like more than one , a bed set , life partner job career that is so tempting , yet time is not enough.

In one life time , how many options can we experience as our clock ticks as we pass our time doing one of the two , and secondly the scenario changes , what was relevant 5 years back seems obsolete and defeated. You can not change all we remain confused ..but expect more or hide a fear within our head..what are we losing..and what have we gained..each experience takes and gives us a value, positive or negative depends how its is seen and by whom.

We must not get have both hands full and teeth holding on to another , that makes us appear very much loaded and unbalanced.

Take a step back and look at yourself , decide whether you like what you see? have you turned out to be the person you want or it your fault or the system.What can change? How will it happen ? Questions ..puzzling and surrounding you..but that is good, after intense confusion, mind just throws off the burden and remains happy with the load that will help and not kill.

Violence can end..

Violence is suppression of a voice to is repeated when not is promoted when not punished. Women the most vulnerable after children..whoever is violent is not humane..either a man or sometimes a woman too..they get violent against the person who will not benefit them , will not become a robot for them..they want to suppress the woman who wants to be a human being..a status she must have..yet they will not accept .. make people aware that being silent spectator is promoting violence…violence can end..should end..make a stand..start from

Attractive for who ?


Smile is definitely a starter for any relationship to lead. It opens and warms a person’s heart not only to look but to see. Looks are important for eyes but mood is a detecting device..if beautiful eyes are upset..we want to look away..who wants an aunt on display. Oh! Did I mention it to you..anger makes us look worse than a haggard sailing crew..all happiness washed away..heart dead and soul calls May day ! May day !

Listen to attraction is all about loving with care..and that is really attractive all the way..from teens to twenties to thirties and fifties..if you are still health and attractive to your spouse at least.