thinking makes you .

Words are always so friendly, when in books we can read and imagine. When we write, they join us to express our inner most feelings. Hatred, revenge, insults, foul words, love, warmth, care and friendship. It is amazing, how each word can mean so much.
In a different place, I feel lonely then writing comes to my rescue. The easiest way to write beautifully is to read . I love to read, and then imagine something. It is bad, you know why? Because, I forget who I am in real and become the character in the story. Virtual life, temporary main character 🙂
Poetry, is the easiest way to express, and unlike prose, doesn’t make the reader think its real 😉
Today, changed something..hmmmm my does feel different..if not..then whats in the name eh ?

Thinking leads to creativity

Creativity is all about life and nature. Ideas, compositions whether it is about baking, painting,designing anything that has innovation ..has appeals to human senses..we see beyond the obvious and listen more than what we hear..the aroma ..flavors it all is useful and inspiring..I admire all creative people ..and their work. I admire creativity for its beauty and truth.

Rejection’s Regret

The only position was catchy 😉


You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to suffer rejection in silence.


In my eyes

you will always be strong

you would always please me

‘though your deeds are unsung

no raging Southern sea

no far-flung oceans

no white sand and palm trees

no heroic rescues

no chic fashions

no Parisienne frisson

only one sexual position

solid and dependable

partner not lover

I passed you over

for faster and younger

you have done better

than this failed go-getter

In my eyes



words and picture by jack collier

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Who is it?

Who came knocking at my door?

I rushed so much , fell on floor

the door got banged

got enstranged

felt absurd

broke the  bowl filled with curd

who is it now?

I called aloud

no one he said

and rushed away

next time I knock come slow to door

am mad now…for sure

In Memory

Fading love ..last sigh
when you come…before I die
no don’t wait..leave in peace
I am still on my knees

Richard M. Ankers - Author

Forgotten feelings
Drifting away,
No life left behind
Stone washed by the rain.
Time flickers past,
I can tell by the light,
But my pain remains
Regardless of thought.
In memory I’m living,
If living this is?
Another broken promise
Eclipsed by the moon.
Dawn breaks tomorrow,
With it my heart,
But my mind’s still
In yesterday.
I think it will be
For eternity.

(Image courtesy paulsaini on

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